Endloop Systems, Inc.


iHeartRate is a simple, easy to use heart rate monitor with a unique Target Heart Rate training zone meter and a detailed physical profile database for monitoring Body Fat %, BMI, BMR and TDEE.

Only $2.99, get it and get fit!

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    An easy to use heart rate monitor, get an accurate reading in seconds.

  • Training Zone Meter

    A real time meter that helps you maintain your optimal aerobic zone for workouts and achieve your Target Heart Rate.

  • Looks are important!

    Upcoming updates will include new skins for a more personalized experience.

  • Real-Time Chronograph

    Works in conjunction with Training Zone Meter and Calorie Counter with Reset, Pause, and Play features.

  • Real-Time Calorie Counter

    Works in conjunction with profile settings, the Training Zone Meter and your current heart rate to calculate the calories you have burned off.

  • Profile and Fitness Calculators

    By filling out your profile, you enable iHeartRate to customize the Training Zone Meter, Calorie Counter, Body Fat, BMI, BMR and TDEE calculators specifically for your stats.

"iHeartRate takes health and fitness to a new level ... iHeartRate does a fantastic job in keeping track of your workout statistics"
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Chris Bumeter, BrightHub.com
"Using this app is just like taking all of those convenient exercise machine calc. tools and putting them into the iPhone."
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Tai Toh, PixelsAndWidgets.com